In 2002 - I MADE A CNC Having only the following two refrence photos of the balcony. I was contracted out to model and machine an accurate representation to use for the model. Very Boring Video of it running: "It may be ugly, but the tolerances are tight" The detail oriented of you might notice that I’ve clamped down a mechanical pencil with .5 mm graphite lead. They don’t break even though I may not be using the most sophisticated lead screw.

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2d Animation

2d Annimation Family and food go hand in hand here, so designing and making my own kitchen table was something I always wanted to do. I won’t eveer forget my eldest boy as a little boy in teething pain, chomp down on the side of the table. I did’nt feel bad, knowing what I did. AVI File of Above Animation: menu = "main" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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